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Dog Tales Puppy & Dog Training

Dog Tales is a positive, reward-based puppy and dog training company in Bayside, Melbourne.


Inspired by the unique bond that we share with our dogs, I began studying positive, reward-based dog training in 2016, whilst working alongside some of the best trainers (and dogs!) in Melbourne. I am now a fully qualified, force-free dog trainer. 


Teaching with clear, consistent communication, kindness, and fun, I aspire to help puppies, dogs, and their humans co-habit happily and understand each other better.​

Just like us, every dog is different, and I believe that we have as much to learn from our canine companions as they do from us. 

Dog Tales offers group puppy classes and one-on-one puppy and dog life-coaching and training consultations.


Let us help you help your dog be the best they can be.




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